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Trying to turn my life around for once, but I am a very chill guy with a sense of humor, hope to get to meet some good people here and some familiar faces."

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Posted by hank35 - February 27th, 2020

Hello everyone this is Hank here, just wanted to at least let someone know (whoever reads my post) that I have been having a lot of difficulties in my life and I have been pretty much abandoned this account of mine but somehow still remember my password. When I first started an account it was just this account and umm, I've been doing dumb shit I ain't gonna lie. I've made different accounts only because of a group chat I got banned from only because I was causing a lot of havoc but I was young which was understandable. But the reason why I "abandoned" this account is because I just don't wanna come to this account just to play video games and watch weird shit even though it's been too many years since the last time I've been on Newgrounds. I am some what creative with writting and drawing (which I still need to work on) I just never made anything, game or animation wise because I personally do not know how to. I don't even have the equipment to do it, don't get me wrong I know about Photoshop and everything, but other than that I do not know. Most of it is money related because of the way I live, we don't always grow up with a silver spoon and I happen to be one of them.

I honestly didn't think I belong here to begin with, but I hope I can run into some good people because I can do very good voice impressions and probably some acting (which takes a lot of practice but, I think I would fit in since I'm funny as hell and smoke good weed lol) I realistically just wanna start somewhere even if I have to pretty much get a job, some said I should do Twich, but I would rather be working with my hands and shit. Anyway hello and goodbye (I'll probably say hello to a couple of people too if they comment I'm really a nice guy.)


Posted by hank35 - March 9th, 2018

I'm dead inside, I'm dead inside, I'm Dead Inside